Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse are in agreement about getting a divorce, meet certain requirements , and have no issues to be decided by the court, we can assist you with preparing and filing your divorce documents. We try to make the process as painless and easy as possible. You will be required to supply certain information and you and your spouse will have to sign a few documents in front of a notary, but we will finalize and file all of the documents for you. No court appearance is required. To get started, please complete the uncontested divorce submission form below. Once we receive the form, someone will contact you within 48 business hours.

The rate for this service starts at $799.00 including court costs and fees ($899.00 with a name change). This rate includes drafting a formal property settlement agreement for you and your spouse to sign if you do not already have one. The rate quoted here assumes the following:
(1) No children born or adopted into marriage or no children under the age of 18;
(2) No assets or debts;
(3) No spousal support for either spouse &
(4) Either you or your spouse has lived in Virginia for at least 6 months;
(5) Parties must live separate and apart for at least 6 months before filing;
(6) Spouse is in agreement and willing to sign papers and waive service.

If you do not meet the requirements above or have other issues that need to be addressed or resolved, your case may not fit within the requirements for the rate listed above. We can still assist you; however, there may be additional costs. Contact the office to set up a consult or request additional information.

If you have any questions once you have submit your form, please feel free to contact the office.