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    Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)  may also be called Proprietary Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Confidential Disclosure Agreements, and Trade Secret Agreements are written contractual agreements where one or both parties agree not to share information revealed to the other party for the purposes of negotiations or some other business transaction or purpose. Generally, a non-disclosure agreement has at least two parties, a Receiver, the party receiving the information and the Discloser, the party sharing the information. A
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    “Failing to plan is planning to fail.†Are you a small business owner or planning to start a business? If so, keep reading. If not, still keep reading. When’s the last time you reviewed your business succession plan? Better yet, do you have a one? Or right now are you asking, what is a business succession plan? Well let’s answer that question. What is a Business Succession Plan? A business succession plan is the procedure
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    Compensatory – Compensation for the monetary loss sustained by the non-breaching party as a result of the breach. Consequential – Damages caused indirectly due to the contract being breached. In other words, financial losses incurred by the non-breaching party as a consequence/result of the breach. Injunctive Relief – A form of relief where, the breaching party is restrained from doing something, or ordered to do something. Generally, available in situations where there is a risk