Family Law Services

Fredericksburg Family Law Attorney

This office can assist families and individuals with many family law matters, including contested divorces and uncontested divorces, child custody/visitation disputes, military family services, child support matters, protective orders and simple adult adoptions.

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis and require an automatic debit from a credit card, debit card, or checking account.  All matters will require an initial up-front deposit.  The deposit will vary depending on the facts and nature of your case and the estimated time it will take to resolve it.  Deposits in child custody and visitation matters typically range from $3,500.00-$4,500.00.  Simple child support matters, (which will be reviewed and determined by the attorney if your cases fits into this category), can be handled for a flat fee of $1,500.00 (not including any other costs, if applicable).  Adult adoptions that do not involve Department of Social Services or have any unanticipated issues, can be handled for a flat fee of $1,500.00, plus all cost and fees charged by the court and other agencies.

For all flat fee matters, the attorney will determine if your situation meets the requirements for the flat fee rate.  If your situation changes, your case may no longer qualify for the flat fee rate.  The engagement agreement will describe more fully the fees that will be billed in your case.

We also offer limited scope representation on a case by case basis where the attorney will help you handle your own case by handling the certain parts of your case while you handle the rest.  This will help you limit your cost.  Not all cases are appropriate for limited scope representation/unbundled services. The attorney will determine if limited scope representation is appropriate for your case.  Contact the office today to see if limited scope is right for you!

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